I grew up in Dungeness, and Greatstone, and Rye, and Winchelsea Beach.

I grew up on and beside the Romney Marsh.

My father was a fisherman and I was putting to sea with him from the age of four.

I grew up with the sound of saltwater dragging shingle away to someplace else.

I grew up with the weight of an uninterrupted sky pressing down upon me.

I grew up in a land that had been borrowed from the deep. A land that built structures from wood, and stone, and concrete to celebrate it, and to keep from giving it back.

I am now returned to the coast of Kent and Sussex and I am painting the souvenirs of my past.





"Artist Ben Fenton, originally from Dungeness, has forged out a successful career in London for more than 12 years, but wanted to return to the Romney Marsh to get away from the distractions of living in the capital and seek new inspiration and challenges for his work. "Ben's stunning paintings can be found in private collections all over Europe and the UK and he continues to exhibit in diverse spaces in London, Kent and East Sussex."

Ben Fenton Artist

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